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Dear Friends:

Have you ever felt the need to just get away all by yourself for some healing time, some peace and quiet in a place where you feel safe, comfortable and relaxed? We decided to research the Internet and ask friends about retreats they enjoyed and found beneficial. Below are some places that we felt deserved to be mentioned. We liked their offerings and philosophy. Just click on the link to peruse the site.

Remember that these places are only for those needing solitude, not for those in crisis. These are places where you can go and do your own thing. Some of the sites offer counseling or guidance upon request. Contact names and numbers are provided. If you decide to visit one of these places, or any other retreat, please let us know how you liked it, as we are looking for more retreats to add to this list.
Jone. Support Pal
Survivor, Mom, Advocate for
Victims of "spiked-drink attacks."

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East Coast:
April 29-May 1, 2011

Who Have Lost a Loved One to a Sudden Death

Join me for our third annual retreat by the ocean in lovely Cape May New Jersey. This retreat is for women who have lost a loved one to a sudden death, whether from murder, suicide, drunk-driver, drug-overdose, accident, war or terrorism, or any unexpected event.

Kathleen O'Hara, author of A Grief Like No Other, surviving the violent death of someone you love, will be leading the retreat, and we will focus on how to make the journey across the ocean of grief, after the loss of our loved one. We will explore the many ways to cope with this traumatic loss, especially in the first five years.

The retreat will be at the Marianist retreat house again in Cape May. Andrea will be cooking her fabulous meals! The accommodations are comfortable, shared room and bath.

Date: Friday, April 29 to Sunday morning, May 1, 2011
Cost: $375.00
To register please contact
Kathleen O'Hara at 215 235 7722

Angelspring Farm Wellness Retreat ~ A Spiritual Retreat

Since 1995 Angelspring has specialized in personal and professional development of the whole person, with attention to spirituality and wellness. Angelspring is dedicated to providing excellent human potential and wellness-based education and experiences. Guests can take advantage of a total health retreat, offering opportunities that facilitate solitude, rural warmth, and spiritual guidance to renew the body, relax the mind, and rejuvenate the spirit.
Charleen Pavlik says "We at Angelspring are all about a place to rest, a sanctuary, and dealing with life stressors. I provide workshops and seminars regionally and nationally for groups generally around stress management and wellness issues, specifically using the arts, dealing with crisis and trauma, and the role of spirituality in stress management and wellness. People visit us as a bed and breakfast but mostly for retreats, spiritual and other, for counseling and for solitude. Also for massages - hot stone, Swedish neuormuscular, and chair - jacuzzi sessions that are available when visiting. The words people most often use to describe us are "cozy", and "peaceful."


It has been a number of years now and the memories are still so very fresh! My reason for going was treated with respect, dignity and the utmost compassion in discussion and treatments I chose to help me through. The accomodations are modest, homey, comforting and safe! The meals were home cooked with love and definately knowledge... gained a few pounds!!! Environment was nurturing, private and sharing as I chose.

So... whatever your reason for going I can wholeheartedly recommend Angel Spring as a sanctuary of contemplation and healing guided by your requests and choice of work offered!
S. Charleen M. Pavlik, PH.D
Angelspring Farm Wellness Retreat
789 Brownsville Road
Fayette City, PA 15438-1115
Phone 724.938.2301

Rowe Camp and Conference Center

Founded in 1924, Rowe Camp is an unusual and magical place cherished by the thousands of people who have come here for relaxation, education, community, spiritual nurturance, and love. There is a special spirit here of honesty, creativity, and respect that people rarely find in other parts of their lives.
Rowe's philosophy arises from a deep faith in the fundamental goodness of human beings, the abiding miracle of life on earth, and the soul-sustaining beauty of creation. At Rowe, this beauty is everywhere. Our Center is folded into the slope of gentle mountains at the edge of an old New England village. Our guests walk in the forest, marvel at the waterfall, and sit by quiet reflecting ponds.

Why do people visit your retreat?

Our conference center offer several different ways to retreat. We offer weekend workshops on a variety of topics every weekend from September through mid-June.

Rowe offers 4 different week long adult camps during the summer months. One is women only, one is men only, 2 are co-ed. All provide safe, comfortable environments where honesty, acceptance, compassion, and community are encouraged. All have workshops that allow participants to move further along their paths of self-discovery. All also provide plenty of opportunity for fun singing, dancing, playing, being creative, and more.

Are meals taken alone or is there a cafeteria?
Because our staff live and work here, we consider ourselves a community. We have a lovely dining room and a well stocked kitchen, where we serve mostly vegetarian food. During the week, staff and guest have access to the kitchen for breakfast and lunch, in a sort of fend for yourself from the wonderful left overs or make something from the food available in the fridge. For dinner, one of our staff cooks for everyone, and we eat together and all help to clean up afterwards. Guest are most welcome to join us for dinner, and are expected to help with the cleanup afterwards.

What are the costs involved?

Private retreats mid week range from $20-50 a night, depending on what type of accommodations people choose to stay in. We also welcome people to make arrangements with us to barter for part or all of their fee's if they would like to.


Dear Joyce:

You sent out an email about retreats a while back and one of them was Rowe Camp and Conference Center. I just got back from their Kindred Spirits retreat and I just have to thank you for being the one who brought me to that miraculous place. It was the most intense loving healing experience of my entire life. I just can't say enough about how it changed my life. So thank you!


"I wish to thank you all for the wonderful personal retreat that I experienced. The magnificent natural world had powerful healing influences on my aching soul, and I also found a 'family in the wilderness' in each of you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there and making Rowe such a special place."
-Philip C.

(413) 339-4954
Kings Highway Road,
PO Box 273
Rowe, MA 01367

Why do people visit your retreat? Is it mainly for vacation? Do you know if trauma survivors find your place specifically restful?

Most people visit our retreat center to enhance their psychological, emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. Many of our retreat visitors are actively involved in their own healing process, so trauma survivors would naturally benefit from a visit to our retreat center as well as find their stay restful.
How structured is your retreat? For instance, does your retreat offer any educational classes and in what areas?

Many of our retreat visitors are here for structured retreats. We offer a variety of workshops that cover a broad range of topics. Below are just a few of these topics:
  • Enhancing Listening & Communication Skills
  • Create the Life You Want
  • Transforming Your Relationship With Food
Are there any counselors or people to offer assistance if someone needed to talk?

Yes, there is a board certified [NBCC]counselor at the retreat center at all times.

Are meals taken alone or is there a cafeteria?

Meals may be taken alone if guests wish privacy; however, most guests enjoy eating with the others who are attending the same retreat.

What are the costs involved?

Since we offer several different types of retreats from Silent Retreats to retreats Workshops with a paid facilitator, and because some individual retreaters may bring their own food and do their own cooking, our costs vary and are determined according to the needs of the individual.

What testimonials from individuals who have stayed with you can you offer for the website? A testimonial from someone who has been through a trauma would be very helpful.

I encourage you to visit our web site to read some of our testimonials:

However, because our Retreat Center is a Log Lodge in a private forest setting with creeks, waterfalls, rolling mountains, and some of the brightest stars you've ever seen, most retreaters make the following comment, "...does anyone ever ask if they can just extend their stay indefinitely?"


Carole Darnell, MS, NCC, LAPC
The Mandorla Center
1640 Powers Ferry Road
Building 17, Suite 250
Marietta, GA 30067

West Coast:
Western Spirit Enrichment Center

Western Spirit is a small personal growth and renewal center (non-denominational and non-religious) located near beautiful Sedona in northern Arizona offering women's retreats to individuals of all ages consisting of exciting weeklong journeys of self-discovery and adventurous experiences in nature. Guests come to us for safety, to heal, to learn and grow, to manage a transition they may be experiencing, to grieve, and just to relax, rest and have some fun. We offer facilitator-led stimulating and empowering personal growth workshops (individual and group) such as: Developing Your Intuition, Nurturing Yourself Through Forgiveness, Discovering Your Heart's Desire, Strengthening Your Relationships, Listening With Your Heart, Healing Your Spirit, and more.


"Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and your lives with me. I've had a wonderfully healing and relaxing time here." Moira, MD

(Joyce)...Interestingly Gary told me when I asked if individuals felt comfortable at their retreat that "most guests are women on a solo journey." His wife, Marian facilitates the workshops and Gary concentrates on the outdoor activities with guests.


Marian & Gary

Western Spirit Enrichment Center, Inc.
1-866-ONESPIRIT (663-7747)
P.O. Box 386
Sedona, AZ 86339-0386

Napa Writing Retreats

Napa Writing Retreats are creative writing retreats that follow the Amherst Writers & Artists (AWA) Method. The AWA method stresses creating a safe space for writers to uncover their own unique writing voices. Group exercises are used to stimulate creativity and writing, and we share our writing with each other (if we choose) after an assigned writing time. Napa Writing Retreats are open to writers of all genres and skill levels. We offer three-day retreats.
Jill Winkelstein
Workshop Leader
Here's what to expect when you attend a retreat:

- Stimulating writing activities that help you connect to your own unique writing voice.
- The creation of powerful first draft writing and the chance to share your writing, if you choose.
- Time to relax and unwind in beautiful Napa, California.

Why do people visit your retreat? Is it mainly for vacation? Do you know if trauma survivors find your place specifically restful?

Jill: "Most people who attend Napa Writing Retreats are looking for a combination of a peaceful getaway and a chance to grow and develop in their writing.

Writing can be very therapeutic and helps us process and understand our experiences in a different light. The act of putting our words on paper and sharing them with a supportive group transforms our isolated experiences into shared ones.

Retreats are held at the White Sulphur Springs Inn & Spa, which is a beautiful property in the Napa Valley that's nestled among giant redwoods, flowing creeks and beautiful hiking trails. The atmosphere is incredibly peaceful and serene, and people love to connect with the natural beauty of the place. For many who spend their days in crowded cities or offices, it's quite an experience to be in such a green place, where most of the noise comes from wildlife (birds, flowing creeks) instead of from cars and traffic."

How structured is your retreat? For instance, does your retreat offer any educational classes and in what areas?

Jill: "Retreats are structured to allow for approximately 5-6 hours a day of writing. I include plenty of break/rest times so participants can enjoy the beauty of the spa and surroundings. I stress to participants that this is their retreat, and they must use the time however they see fit. They are welcome to attend the writing workshops, or rest or go for a walk. They will best serve their writing by honoring their own needs. "

Are there any counselors or people to offer assistance if someone needed to talk?

Jill: "I am certainly available as a resource and I often debrief with people after writing times. I am not, however, a licensed therapist."

Are meals taken alone or is there a cafeteria?

Jill: "Breakfast and lunch are group meals. A optional group dinner is held on the first evening, and the second night is a free evening."

What are the costs involved?

Jill: "The cost of the three-day retreat is $450 ($430 for early bird registration). Participants will need to secure their own transportation to the retreat, and rooming at the Inn is a separate charge."


Jill Winkelstein
Napa Writing Retreats
PO. Box 3214
Napa, CA 94558

510.444.4939 (local)
866.848.2961 (toll free)

Survivors, How To Write Your Personal History by Jill Winkelstein

Still Point Retreat Center

Still Point, an interfaith retreat center, integrates Eastern
and Western spiritual traditions, is holistic in its approach,
global in its outlook. Still Point fosters harmony with all life,
embracing God, earth and all creation.

Still Point offers a place of solitude, healing and
restoration, along with a communal experience of spiritual
Still Point offers a wide range of programs with an emphasis on healing and energy, dreams, earth consciousness, yoga, meditation, Qi Gong and Spirituality.
(Yoga and Qi Gong available periodically.)

Why do people visit your retreat?
(Sr Helen) People come to Still Point looking for silence, solitude and restoration, not for a vacation.

Do you know if trauma survivors find your place specifically restful?
(Sr Helen) I have been told by people who have stayed here that they are renewed and healed in ways that have little to do with those of us who 'run' this place. The space is Sacred and is healing.

How structured is your retreat?
(Sr Helen) We are not currently offering structured retreats. If a person wanted to meet with me or to sit with me in meditation, I am available. We try to gear the experience to meet the individual's needs. Also Reiki and massage are available. Advance notice needed for massage.

Are meals taken alone or is there a cafeteria?
(Sr Helen) Meals are taken in the Welcoming House and depend on whether or not there are other retreatants here. People can eat in their hermitage or in a sitting room if they wish to eat alone.

What are the costs involved?
(Sr Helen) Costs vary based upon need of the individual. We charge $65 per night with food provided, $55 if retreatant brings food.
There are 5 fully winterized hermitages (cabins) nestled in the woods along with a large facility, The Welcoming House, for groups..


Sr Helen
Still Point Interfaith Retreat Center
Route 423 Box 53
Stillwater, NY 12170

Reflections and the Center for Creative Therapies and the Arts is a very special place. People find it safe, relaxing and beautiful. The house and cottage are right on the lake. Canoeing, swimming, organic garden, walking trails, tennis and a sauna are available to all guests.
Madelaine Ventre, the owner/host of the Center for Creative Therapies and the Arts, is a Music Therapist, specializing in Guided Imagery and Music and has worked extensively with adult survivors.
Why do people visit your retreat? Is it mainly for vacation? Do you know if trauma survivors find your place specifically restful?

I believe Reflections is an ideal retreat for people who suffer from PTSD, those at risk for PTSD and those who care for traumatized individuals. Guests come to have a quiet retreat from the stress of everyday life or to have a working retreat with private sessions in Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) and Mandala. Some guests choose to come for one of the many workshops offered here in the arts, arts therapies and holistic health."
Are meals taken alone or is there a cafeteria?

"A full breakfast is served in the dining room, but if someone wanted privacy, the meal(s) can be taken on the sunporch or outside by the lake. Breakfast is included in the room rate. Guests can bring food for lunch and/or dinner (there is a microwave and refrigerator in the sunporch) or go to a restaurant in town."

What are the costs involved?

Single occupancy: $225 per night
Double occupancy: $151.88 per night
These rates include taxes, breakfast and use of all the facilities.

Madelaine Ventre
The Center for Creative Therapies and the Arts
1107 Plank Road - Forestburgh, New York 12777
Phone/Fax: (845) 796-1882

Herrbrook Farm is a nineteenth-century farmstead.

The retreat cottage and adjacent studio shed on the same grounds offers a place of aesthetic quiet for persons seeking spiritual retreat.

Lancaster County farmland and orchards surround Herrbrook on all sides. A self-guided tour along the marked trail features meadow wetlands, where restoration and conservation of native species continue, as well as a 30-mile hilltop vista.
The doors and gardens of Herrbrook invite you to explore and celebrate your life. Intentional rest and reflection can shape and heal both the internal and external landscape.

The natural environment provides for our well-being and calls us into inclusive, compassionate community with all of creation.
What kind of people come?

"People come to Herrbrook for rest and rejuvenation. Many in high profile or care-professions, especially in urban settings, come here to get away from people . . . one can be here for days without having to interact with anyone else. Some come for regular self-care.

It is also sought out by those in transition--be it personal, career, life partnerships, family or trauma-related."

How structured is your retreat? For instance, does your retreat offer any educational classes and in what areas?

"Retreatants may choose a self-guided get-away using resources provided in the cottage, or request a guided retreat. Options include personal prayer, enneagram spirituality, art studio (i.e. painting, clay, drawing, calligraphy), or Ignatian spiritual exercises (8-day, 30-day, or the everyday-life retreat).

Spiritual direction, reiki, and massage can be requested. An art/yoga studio, and a large outdoor labyrinth are also available."

Are meals taken alone or is there a cafeteria?

"We stock breakfast foods, juices, teas and fresh coffee beans. Retreatants supply their other foods. An Amish discount grocery/ bakery/produce market and a farm dairy store are within easy walking distance. Several farm markets are a five-minute drive away."

What are the costs involved?

"Dayrate: $20.00
Overnight for one: $40.00; for two: $60.00; for four: $80.00
Other services available by hourly rate."


Rod Houser

Mary Lou Weaver Houser.
Mary Lou is a certified spiritual director, gardener, artist, and teacher. Spiritual Direction can be arranged by contacting Mary Lou at

2256 New Danville Pike,
Lancaster, PA 17603
(717) 872-2848

Scarritt Bennett

Scarritt Bennett is a conference, retreat and learning center-- retreats are primarily for people seeking renewal and rest. Often writers or artists or those involved in ministry will come here to work on projects or deal with changes in their lives or careers. We have spiritual directors (some of whom are also psychologists or grief counselors) available through Stillpoint, a school for contemplative prayer and spiritual direction that is housed on our campus. You may take a personal retreat and design whatever structure would serve you, or you may attend scheduled, structured retreats with nationally-known leadership.

What SBC Says about Retreats:

Why go on a retreat?

Perhaps you feel stuck in some part of your life, or depleted by all your daily demands. Maybe there's a loss. Maybe you need a quiet place to study or work on a creative project, or take a sabbatical. Perhaps you wonder where God has been lately. Maybe, just maybe, you've worked so long for peace that you unknowingly have done violence to yourself.

Maybe you're just tired.

There are an infinite variety of reasons why people choose to go on retreat. Feeling that cobwebby feeling of indecision, longing for some clarity, or even longing for some levity in the midst of the heaviness in our lives are all feelings that nudge us toward doing that courageous thing that Jesus so often did: going away from the crowds a while to rest.

What is a retreat?

You or a small group together can make a retreat by withdrawing for a few days and nights to a different environment - one that is expressly set aside as a place for healing, solitude, reflection, and clarity. It is a place to take some time for yourself so that you can participate in the natural rhythms of the day in an atmosphere of hospitality and freedom.

A retreat is really not a training workshop with packed agendas or intense committee meetings in a pleasant getaway spot (although there is space at Scarritt-Bennett for those kinds of meetings, too!) A retreat for individuals or small groups is really a time for self-care, nurturing creativity, reflecting in solitude and community, listening for movements of the spirit.


Becky Waldrop
Director of Program
Scarritt Bennett Center
1008 19th Ave South
Nashville, TN 37212
Fax: 615-340-7551

A Safe Haven of Spiritual Health

Living Sound Retreat is located on the serene Little Manatee River in Ruskin, Florida.

Living Sound's founder and Spiritual Director is Reverend Dianne Allen. Rev. Dianne is a Certified Addiction Professional and is an Internationally Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor. Rev. Dianne's extensive experience in the traditional treatment setting provided her with clear evidence that all addiction is largely a spiritual disease, best addressed with spiritual solutions.

Her vision since 1995 was the creation of a safe place for people to receive the much needed support and guidance to create a life with authority and personal power out of a life of limitations and hardships. It is in a peaceful setting designed to help people overcome their addictions by providing a holistic healing environment that fosters personal growth and life stability by guiding them toward greater spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional health.

1. Are Meals taken alone?

Each bungalow has a full kitchen. Most meals are individual and we have some community type events that may include barbeque, etc. Guests are welcome to eat together as well.

2. Are there any counselors or people to offer assistance if someone needs to talk?

As far as counselors or someone to talk to, yes I am often on the property and I offer Personal Coaching, Pastoral Counseling and Addiction Counseling.

3. Costs Involved.

Costs are based on the size of the bungalow as we have efficiencies, one, two and three bedroom units. There are discounts for workshop attendees or extended stays, etc.

There are 10 bungalows on the property, some of which are duplexes. Each bungalow has a private seating area. Guests may choose to stay in a single or double room depending upon availability. Each bungalow is fully furnished and guests are asked to bring only their clothes and personal items.

There is a swimming pool on the property. We have a dock on the Little Manatee River with seating for some quiet time while enjoying nature. A gym and yoga room will be available in the near future. Our Lodge offers a place for fellowship and features a business center and laundry facilities.

Contact: You may request an enrollment form by calling Rev. Dianne at 866.251.2686 or email Website:

Aziza Healing Adventures and Holistic Retreat Vacations

Aziza Healing Adventures is based in Toronto, Canada, and was created with the intention of providing a unique method to expand and deepen self-knowledge through a holistic and practical approach to personal growth. Laila Ghattas, is the founder and leader of the retreats and workshops. Laila is an artist, Gestalt therapist, group facilitator, Reiki practitioner, and has worldwide outdoor adventure experience.
Why do people visit your retreat?

(Laila) personal growth, time out, relaxation, being taken care of, getting some answers...

Is it mainly for vacation?
(Laila) Sometimes. I call what I offer a meaningful vacation because exercises promote emotional explorations and support in order to heighten awareness. Awareness is the only way to make new, more appropriate choices.
  • Circle is the symbol for wholeness, completion.
  • Water is the archetypal realm of emotions and feelings.
  • Spiral is an ancient symbol for spiritual journey toward self transformation.
Do you know if trauma survivors find your place specifically restful?

(Laila) I hold retreats all over. And my choice of locations is for the inherent healing atmosphere to be found. So, yes, feedback is very positive on the locations!

How structured is your retreat? For instance, does your retreat offer any educational classes and in what areas?

(Laila) The sessions are a combination of creativity and psychotherapy. I'm a Gestalt therapist and I use Expressive Art as a means to experience non verbal self-expression in a fun way. The creations reflect back messages the client sends herself in her art. No artistic skill is necessary to get lots out of the sessions. On a given weekend getaway at Thirteen Moons, for example, we get together on Friday over a lovely meal and start on Saturday morning with a session. Time off in the afternoon allows for integration of the insights emerging during the session, and relaxation on the grounds. Another session on Sunday ties up loose ends and we leave after lunch. Lots of time to journal and just be. It's an easy, relaxing and rich time together. I call my itineraries organic because the retreats are inherently responsive to the needs of the group.

Sometimes specific themes are offered like Body Image, Flying Solo, Relationship to money, and Authentic living. However the longer retreats don't have a specific focus. We follow what the clients want from the week.

Are there any counselors or people to offer assistance if someone needed to talk?

(Laila) I am a Gestalt therapist and can be booked for a private session during the free time for $75 per hour. However there is time to talk during the discussion of the work, during breaks and meals and those are covered in the retreat fees.

Are meals taken alone or is there a cafeteria?

(Laila)We take meals together at the dining table in whatever retreat location we're at.

What are the costs involved

(Laila) Weekends in Ontario, Canada start at $495 Canadian including 2 nights accommodations, linens, 6 meals and therapeutic sessions. 7 days in Tulum, Mexico including yoga is $1,650 US. Vacations can be found on Transportation is not included- we meet at the retreat site.


"It was amazing to be encouraged in love and freedom to express myself in ways that were illuminating to me. Laila's artistic vision and intuition of her clients needs' resounds in all of the creative activities."

"You think you know yourself until you get your hands on a piece of clay and your world is opened to you."

(Laila) You can view many testimonials on the site. There is also a link called Accolades

Laila Ghattas,
Toronto Canada

Thirteen Moons Retreat for Women

Thirteen Moons specializes in meaningful getaways, healing vacations, wellness workshops, organic and vegetarian cooking classes, nutritional counseling and holistic escapes-exclusively for women! You might want to plan your visit to coincide with one of our full moon drumming circles!

These days, more than ever, women live busy, demanding and often stressful lives. Given our roles in the family, workplace and community, women need to regularly retreat and find ways to care for themselves. Those of you in a transitional phase of life may just need to get away for quiet self-reflection. Or, perhaps it's time to gather some good friends to celebrate life.
Why do people visit your retreat? Is it mainly for vacation? Do you know if trauma survivors find your place specifically restful?

I like to think that women come here for some meaningful time with themselves. It is a vacation in that they are away from their day to day lives but is by no means a frivolous getaway. The sense of safety and tranquility that guests experience here from the moment they arrive makes it a most appropriate place for trauma survivors. Many of my clients have experienced some form of trauma in their lives.

How structured is your retreat? For instance, does your retreat offer any educational classes and in what areas?

Thirteen Moons offers both personal retreats that are customized to the individual guests as well as programmed retreats lead by skilled facilitators. Personal retreats can be as basic as just accommodation, meals and use of the facilities or can include a range of treatments.

Are there any counselors or people to offer assistance if someone needed to talk?

Yes, I have access to a number of well qualified and compassionate counselors.
"A woman in harmony with her spirit is like a river flowing."
Maya Angelou
Are meals taken alone or is there a cafeteria?

Meals are served in a dining room though guests may also eat in the private guest area. The food served here is mostly organic vegetarian fare lovingly and creatively prepared by a holistic nutritionist.

What are the costs involved?

Overnight retreats cost from $85 CDN per night, depending on type of accommodation and timing and duration of retreat.


"I hope you know how much the retreat and your part in it has changed my life. I will not let all of our effort be in vain - I'm on the right path and plan on staying on it!"

"Thank you so much for everything. Your cooking is incredible! I am so very thankful that you have chosen to do what you are doing. Your place has changed my life (and I'm sure the lives of many other women) and it is just going to keep changing! What a wonderful gift you have given to women! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Louise Racine the owner of Thirteen Moons is a Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner and she would be happy to speak with anyone about arranging a personalized retreat, custom tailored to your needs and wants.

Ontario, Canada
Phone 705- 652-9329

AV Resources:
(All linked resource titles lead directly to the page where they are available for purchase at By purchasing your items through any link to Amazon on our site, you will be helping to support Gift From Within, as we will receive a referral fee for every order. Please tell your friends and family).

8 Weeks to Optimum Health by Andrew Weil M.D.
Callings : Finding and Following an Authentic Life by Gregg Michael Levoy
A Guide to Monastic Guest Houses: Fourth Edition by Robert J. Regalbuto
Heart Politics by Fran Peavey, Myra Levy
Healing Centers & Retreats: Healthy Getaways for Every Body and Budget by Jenifer Miller
The Nature of Healing: Writings from the World's Spiritual Traditions by M.D., Larry Dossey (Foreword), et al (Paperback)
A Place for God : A Guide to Spiritual Retreats and Retreat Centers by Timothy Jones
Sanctuaries: The Complete United States--A Guide to Lodgings in Monasteries, Abbeys, and Retreats by Jack Kelly
Sanctuaries: The West Coast And South by Marcia M. Kelly
Spontaneous Healing : How to Discover and Embrace Your Body's Natural Ability to Maintain and Heal Itself by Andrew Weil M.D.
Wilderness Time : A Guide for Spiritual Retreat by Emilie Griffin


Dolphin Dreams ~ by Jonathan Goldman
Healing Massage CD - Sugo Music
The Most Soothing Lullabies In The Universe ~ by Johann Sebastian Bach, Ludwig van Beethoven, Johannes Brahms (Audio CD)
Mozart for Meditation ~ by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Jeffrey Tate, Neville Marriner (Audio CD)
A Shelter of Wings: Music for Healing, Meditation, Prayer and Relaxation. $18.00. Contact: Charlene Pavlik. Email:
Sleep Soundly ~ by Steven Halpern
Sound Medicine: Music for Healing ~ Steven Halpern (Audio CD)
The Soul of Healing Meditations ~ Deepak Chopra (Audio CD)

Additional Web Resources:
Monastic Guest Rooms - A list of Monasteries.

Find The Divine: Your information source for retreat centers, spiritual workshops, conference centers, and retreats & spiritual direction.

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