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11 » Ada M
I want to thank those who created a website for families and survivors of traumatic life experiences that have affected their lives in a negative way and this site provide supplemental educational tools to assist student's in academics on how to ethically educate themselves on PSTD and how it not only affects the individual but the family.

10 » Ann Barrentine
I have found this when I am ready to do more work in recovering from C-PTSD, thanks so very much!!!!!!!! (Learning to express and ID emotions!

9 » Amy Ruff
Thank you for this great website resource. I am the National Director of the Transcendental Meditation Program for Nurses, an outreach teaching the Transcendental Meditation technique to nurses. We have completed 2 studies showing statistically significant reductions in burnout, secondary traumatic stress, compassion fatigue and increased resilience in nurses who learned the evidence based TM technique. We have 2 more studies ready to begin in the Fall. As a nurse who experienced burnout 6 months into my first job in ICU, this is a topic very near to me. Thank you for all of your excellent work! Amy nurses @tm-women.rog

8 » Donna
This site is another answer to my prayers! It has the most in-depth understanding out of all I've searched for so far along w/ compassion which is so very necessary. Not only am I learning more about how to live in the reality of the altered person w/ CPTSD but I am also learning how to help others w/ understanding as well. I look forward to each new article or video.

7 » Sharmaine Kaahu
Kia Ora from New Zealand
I have been learning how to live with this C-PTSD and looking for a support group.
Gift From Within is an awesum site with so much to offer.
Thank you.

6 » Michelle
Thank you so much for this information, lots of questions answered. I seem to have found information about PTSD but nothing....until now about recovering and how I feel now, what I should feel like going back to work, why I'm still scared about attending death and violence, I thought I would feel normal by now but I need time to get back to the job I did.....can I do this again...I don't know I sure hope so. That's of information given on this site

5 » Lynda L Key
I'm glad there are so many resources here for a variety of reasons for PTSD. Mine isn't here. I had a stroke that I recovered from leaving very little residual damage. My "life" hasn't changed much physically, but emotionally the anxiety attacks and depression, paranoia and hyper vigilance are some things I am still getting used to and finding ways to deal with. I didn't go to war, was never a first responder, wasn't sexually assaulted, didn't witness war or death. Just a stroke. Not much support out here for that. But your advise is good and I am already doing some of it.

4 » Patricia Pott
Gift from Within has been a valuable resource for me in my healing journey. It has been a part of my life for probably fifteen years. GFW was responsible for helping me understand that I had complex PTSD and for giving me a place to start healing, including guidance for finding the right therapist. I still refer to the site often and I know that will continue. I have found helpful information, answers to questions and much inspiration, validation and encouragement. I can truly say Gift From Within has been life-changing for me. I am so thankful for this site.

3 » Louise Sutherland-Hoyt
This is one amazing site and I am so glad I found it. I also treat Complex Trauma and utilize EMDR and a new approach called Pain/Terror Release Therapy, which shows great promise.

I will post a link to your website to my own website/blog.

2 » Suzette Louw
This is one of the best PTSD related sites I've visited


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