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26 » agiquvuvuuhob
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25 » Hponeusy
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24 » KezlyNam
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23 » IrvingJer
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22 » uqoxese
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21 » eojaoxva
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20 » alexuhgayuo
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19 » Jesushyday
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18 » Alesha Hansen
A few weeks ago I was diagnosed with complex PTSD stemming from an abusive relationship. I have so many questions and a few concerns about the diagnosis. Although my therapist is very helpful, I was looking for more support and encouragement from people with PTSD. I found your site through Wikipedia when I was researching intimate partner violence. Thank you for creating this site. I feel less alone. I feel validated and encouraged that I'm ok despite my diagnosis. God bless you.

17 » Emanuela
Hello,, i wanted to thank Psychiatrist Frank Ochberg for his writing about the Syndrome of Stockholm, saying that it goes beyond kidnapping..."http://www.giftfromwithin.org/html/stockhlm.html.
It helped me understanding sexual abuse better.

Thank u very much, Doctor Ochberg.


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