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8 » Donna
This site is another answer to my prayers! It has the most in-depth understanding out of all I've searched for so far along w/ compassion which is so very necessary. Not only am I learning more about how to live in the reality of the altered person w/ CPTSD but I am also learning how to help others w/ understanding as well. I look forward to each new article or video.

7 » Sharmaine Kaahu
Kia Ora from New Zealand
I have been learning how to live with this C-PTSD and looking for a support group.
Gift From Within is an awesum site with so much to offer.
Thank you.

6 » Michelle
Thank you so much for this information, lots of questions answered. I seem to have found information about PTSD but nothing....until now about recovering and how I feel now, what I should feel like going back to work, why I'm still scared about attending death and violence, I thought I would feel normal by now but I need time to get back to the job I did.....can I do this again...I don't know I sure hope so. That's of information given on this site

5 » Lynda L Key
I'm glad there are so many resources here for a variety of reasons for PTSD. Mine isn't here. I had a stroke that I recovered from leaving very little residual damage. My "life" hasn't changed much physically, but emotionally the anxiety attacks and depression, paranoia and hyper vigilance are some things I am still getting used to and finding ways to deal with. I didn't go to war, was never a first responder, wasn't sexually assaulted, didn't witness war or death. Just a stroke. Not much support out here for that. But your advise is good and I am already doing some of it.

4 » Patricia Pott
Gift from Within has been a valuable resource for me in my healing journey. It has been a part of my life for probably fifteen years. GFW was responsible for helping me understand that I had complex PTSD and for giving me a place to start healing, including guidance for finding the right therapist. I still refer to the site often and I know that will continue. I have found helpful information, answers to questions and much inspiration, validation and encouragement. I can truly say Gift From Within has been life-changing for me. I am so thankful for this site.

3 » Louise Sutherland-Hoyt
This is one amazing site and I am so glad I found it. I also treat Complex Trauma and utilize EMDR and a new approach called Pain/Terror Release Therapy, which shows great promise.

I will post a link to your website to my own website/blog.

2 » Suzette Louw
This is one of the best PTSD related sites I've visited

1 » Joyce
Welcome to our Guestbook. I hope you find our resources helpful.


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