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Dear Friends:

PTSD is a difficult injury to understand, to tolerate, and to overcome.
The goal of this section is to provide information about PTSD for both the
Veteran and the military family. It is our hope that the information here
lays the groundwork for further exploration into this subject matter and to
de-stigmatize, and normalize symptoms of PTSD. We hope you find these
materials helpful.

Thank you. Joyce
Free Webcasts. Short educational videos featuring Dr. Frank Ochberg.
Click on links to open video page in a new window. Videos are available as YouTube embeded videos and/or in Real Player format. If YouTube isn't working for you, you will need Real Player to view the webcast. There are links to downloading Real Player on each video page.
Webcast Title:
What can be done to de-stigmatize PTSD in veterans? 5:50
Should PTSD be considered an injury? 2:00
Transition From Military To Civilian Life 4:55
Practical tips for military families living with combat stress and PTSD (audio) 1:00:43
Military Sexual Trauma
- Clip from our DVD "PTSD & Veterans: A Conversation With Dr. Frank Ochberg" - click to order
Veterans Living with PTSD
- Clip from our DVD "PTSD & Veterans: A Conversation With Dr. Frank Ochberg" - click to order
Survivor Guilt
- Clip from our DVD "PTSD & Veterans: A Conversation With Dr. Frank Ochberg" - click to order
Treatment Approach
- Clip from our DVD "Psychotherapy for Chronic PTSDP: A Vietnam Vet's Journey" - click to order
Managing Anxiety
- Clip from our DVD "Psychotherapy for Chronic PTSDP: A Vietnam Vet's Journey" - click to order
Involving Family Members
- Clip from our DVD "Psychotherapy for Chronic PTSDP: A Vietnam Vet's Journey" - click to order
War Stories From Ward 7-D - © "KCET CALIFORNIA CONNECTED" 29:27
What is Compassion Fatigue? 6:23
How Does PTSD Affect Brain Function? 11:04
Trauma Memories 4:45
PTSD & Depression: Who is on your Board Of Directors 2:12
What do you say to your clients when they feel they have been retraumatized? 1:33
Can therapists incorporate the religious beliefs of their patients to help in the healing process? 9:47
Living with PTSD: Lessons for Partners, Friends, and Supporters
- Clip from our DVD "Living with PTSD: Lessons for Partners, Friends and Supporters" - click to order
What is an example of an accommodation for those with hidden wounds? 6:47
What are some of the challenges that young veterans with PTSD may face in the workplace? 3:24
How do you create a comfortable work climate for the wounded warrior? 2:57
Are there specific do's and dont's for establishing the optimal work environment for veterans? 3:00
How can training create better managers for our returning veterans? 1:37
Survivor Guilt 3:14
Additional Webcasts
Soldier Barbed Wire Image
Photo Credit: Jon Stephenson.
Preventing Compassion Fatigue: Power Point Presentation by Dr. Angie Panos
Finding Hope after Head Injury and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder by Dr. Angie Panos & Gift From Within
Military and Substance Abuse by Dr. Amy Menna & Gift From Within
Veterans and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: A Conversation with Dr Frank Ochberg
Will Trauma Grief Counseling Help? by Janice Harris Lord, ACSW
Posttraumatic Therapy by Dr. Frank Ochberg
Partners With PTSD by Dr. Frank Ochberg
Stress Responses in Sexual Trauma Victims and in Others Experiencing Overwhelming Events: Helpful Strategies for Self, Children, Supporters, and What Trauma Therapists Really Do by Dr. Erwin Parson
Preventing Compassion Fatigue: What Veteran Spouse/Partner Caregivers Need to Know by Dr. Angie Panos and Gift From Within
Keeping Your Relationship Healthy When Your Veteran Spouse/Partner Is Injured by Dr. Angie Panos and Gift From Within
Supporting Our Soldiers - PTSD Info For Chaplains by Dr. Angie Panos and Gift From Within
Helping Traumatized Children at School by Kathleen Nader, D.S.W.
Guilt Following Traumatic Events by Kathleen Nader, D.S.W.
Terrorism: September 11, 2001. "Trauma, Grief, and Recovery" by Kathleen Nader, D.S.W.
Reintegration & Readjustment Program For Iraqi Veterans: for officers returning from the war in Iraq
by Dr. Beverly Anderson
Post Traumatic Stress and the Military by Dr. Frank Ochberg
Issues and Answers on the Home Front by Bridget C. Cantrell, Ph.D.
Trauma Addiction: Safety and Stabilization for the Addicted Survivor of Trauma by J. Eric Gentry, PhD, LMHC
Acquaintance Rape: A Matter of Consent by Amy Menna, Ph.D., LMHC, CAP
Rape Trauma Syndrome: The Journey to Healing Belongs to Everyone by Amy Menna, Ph.D., LMHC, CAP
Trauma and Spirituality by Amy Menna, Ph.D., LMHC, CAP
Recovery From Unnatural Death by E.K. Rynearson, M.D.
Suicide and the Military by Amy Menna, Ph.D., LMHC, CAP & Gift From Within
Legal Tools for Survivors of Sexual Assault by Claire Harwell, J.D. & Gift From Within
Military Sexual Trauma by Catherine McCall & Gift From Within
Listen to Dr. Frank Ochberg on NPR Chicago about Sgt Robert Bales and the Nature of PTSD.

Dr. Frank Ochberg was among the scientists who came to define PTSD during its earlier years. He's a clinical professor of psychiatry at Michigan State University and one of the nation's leading authorities on the psychological effects of trauma.

Since it first emerged as a diagnosis in the wake of the Vietnam War, PTSD has entered the public consciousness. But Dr. Ochberg also says PTSD can be misunderstood and misinterpreted in the public context - and it even may be time for a name change.

So what is and isn't PTSD? And where does the science, the public conversation and the public policy around PTSD need to go next?
Prayer For You by Scott Krippayne, Steve Siler, & Tony Wood. Written and sung for military families who are separated.
Military Family Photo
PTSD Song and Music Post Traumatic Stress Disorder by Cliff Luckey.
PTSD Photo
We're All In This Together by Steve Siler (Fifty States Music ASCAP)
Military Family Photo
I'll Always Remember by Jo Ann Biviano, "In Remembrance of 9/11"
PTSD A Disease
Seasonal PTSD & Anniversary Reaction
Emotional Injury
PTSD may complicate relationships
Therapy Sessions
FAQ Homepage
A Vet's Guide to Post-War Adjustment: Questions and Answers
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(click to go to poetry by veterans page)
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NEW: Frank reads his poem for veterans called "My Wounds Are Not For You To See."

Frank Ochberg reads his newest poem. It is based on his experience with combat veterans. Many veterans live with traumatic stress symptoms after combat and military service.

length: 4:26
(PTSD) The Truth In Numbers
The Military Family Network at
Give an Hour
Gift From Within Facebook Page
Dart Society Homepage | Dart Center for Journalism & Trauma
National Center for PTSD
Thirty Days with My Father: Finding Peace from Wartime PTSD Christal Presley

The Gift From Within website and associated materials are among the most excellent of all resources available to our military and veteran population. I have forwarded them to the masses. In addition, I have used them widely in the civilian sector for SICU nursing staff in the throes of relentless traumatic events. For everything provided to us for use with so many suffering souls, I am indebted.

Kathy Platoni, Psy.D.
Colonel, US Army Reserve
Army Reserve Psychology Consultant


I like this resource. A great feature is the variety of military related articles located conveniently in one area. They are well written and professional. Unlike the blogs that seem to be everywhere these days. I also like the timed webcasts. Living with a sufferer one understands that something trivial to one person can be a trigger for another. Knowing how much time the video will take allows for viewing without the worry of triggering your loved one.


Karen Grey, BA
Founder, The Truth In Numbers on Facebook

This new website, administered by GFW will collect and display endorsements from individuals and groups who consider a change in title from PTSD to PTSI an advantage for individuals who are so diagnosed.
Support Changing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder to Post Traumatic Stress Injury.

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