My Working Philosophy

I believe in the power of Internet communication because it gives ordinary people access to powerful information that can empower them and enrich their lives.

I don’t take “no” for an answer, which didn’t please my parents much but my clients enjoy a great deal.

I’m a curious person. When I have a research assignment, I want to find the answers for my own satisfaction as well as my client’s.

I’m phone-savvy. I know how to get people to talk to me and tell me things they wouldn’t normally discuss.

I’m Internet-smart. I’m as comfortable on the Web as native New Yorkers are in mid-town Manhattan.

When my eyes aren’t glued to the computer screen, I’m reading every magazine and newspaper I can get my hands on.

I think of myself as a detective. When I’m given a research assignment, I focus all my energies on finding what I’m looking for. And when I find it, I feel a sense of triumph.

I’ve been asked to find trivial information and highly sensitive information. I’ve been asked to find information that’s easily located and information that others consider hidden or very obscure. I’ve worked for individuals and for large corporations.

I think research is a highly creative task. It not only takes knowledge, experience and determination, it takes imagination. And I think I have a genuine flair for it.

My goal is simple: it’s to find you not only the information you want, but the information you need-whether you’re a mother looking for the best arts camp for her child or a major corporation trying to make a major marketing decision.

My motto is “if it’s out there, I’ll find it.”

Rates: hourly, daily and by the job