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Patti, GFW Support Pal Member
Gift From Within
PTSD Resources for Survivors and Caregivers
Support Pal Patti & her enthusiastic assistant, Charlie. Manager of Writer's Group & GFW's support pal network.

Note: Support pals communicate by email. Please make sure you have an email account.

Email Support Pal Network

Attn: Joyce, Gift from Within, 16 Cobb Hill Rd., Camden, Maine 04843, USA
207-236-8858 Fax: 207-236-2818

We are a non profit organization. We would appreciate a donation of $5. Please send a check, money order, or use Pay Pal.

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Welcome to Gift From Within Email Support Pals. This is a list for women who suffer or who have suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). If you would like to communicate with other survivors we suggest you complete the form below. The purpose of this service is to give survivors the opportunity to connect emotionally with others about what they are feeling and experiencing. This support system also gives survivors the unique opportunity to help others in need. This service is not meant to be a substitute for any kind of professional help, therapy, or crisis services.

Mental Health Professionals: You are also welcome to join if you are a trauma survivor.

For Men: If you've experienced the following.....sexual assault, physical abuse, trauma from being robbed, beaten, REMEMBER....YOU ARE NOT ALONE....the following sites could be most helpful for you: For Men Only

All names are kept strictly confidential. GFW may contact you by email or phone. After receiving our guidelines via email, please contact Joyce or Patti for a phone screening. Joyce can be reached at and Patti at

At present, the Support Pal Network is not accepting people who are currently incarcerated and/or in psychiatric hospitals.

I understand that by signing this release form that:

As a GFW Email Support Pal, I agree to the following:

  1. All names will be kept confidential;
  2. That I will not hold GFW or its Board Members responsible or liable in the event that the relationship does not work, no matter the reason. I understand there are no guarantees and some risk is involved.
  3. I understand that a support pal could say something during our correspondence or communications that could be triggering and I need to be mindful of my own needs and limitations. I will also behave kindly and gentle towards others, remembering we are all in this together.

Please provide:
Personal History: name, age, gender, traumatic experience, why you want this service. (Some of this info will be shared with members only)

Please print: (or click here for printer friendly page)




City___________________________________ State________ 

Zip________________ Country ____________________

Why I want this service (include traumatic event) ____________________________________



Hobbies and/or things that I enjoy___________________________________________

How did you find us?_________________________________________________________ 

Birthday_______________________ | Age____________________

Can we share your birthday with other members? YES		NO

Language Preferences
(bilingual helpful)__________________________________

Phone______________________________________________  Email: ________________________

Your signature___________________________________________________________




We are a non profit organization. We would appreciate a donation of $5. Please send a check, money order, or use Pay Pal.

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NEW: What was the inspiration for the Survivor Psalm?

Frank Ochberg reads the "Survivor Psalm." The Psalm in the form of a bookmark has been distributed to thousands of trauma survivors. Frank wrote the psalm after working with victims of crime, and wanting a statement that would reflect a state of mind after therapy was completed.

length: 1:53
For a free bookmark send an SASE to Joyce c/o Gift From Within, 16 Cobb Hill Road, Camden ME 04843.
* If possible we would appreciate a donation.

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