Heroes Unsung

Words and Music by Steve Siler
Without a thought for yourselves
You race into the fires of hell
Unselfishly you sacrifice
and give your all to save a life
Anonymity’s a pale reward
for all the things you’ve done
Heroes Unsung

You’ve seen the worst the world can give
You hold inside what you can’t forget
The armor grows to block the pain
It’s just so hard to communicate
And you never thought that you’d burn out
But sometimes you feel numb
Heroes Unsung

With uncommon acts of bravery
You rush into harm’s way
Giving something to the rest of us
There is no way to repay
Have we taken you for granted
Without counting up the cost
’cause every time we lose even one of you
The best of us is lost

You’re a human being with hopes and dreams
You’ve got a name and a family
If we never stopped to tell you thanks
That day has finally come
Heroes Unsung
You’ll be honored for eternity
When all of heaven’s stars are strung
Heroes Unsung