Psychotherapy for Chronic PTSD: A Vietnam Vet’s Journeywith Dr. Frank Ochberg

Watch a veteran’s two-year-long therapeutic process of healing from chronic PTSD, and enhance your skills in working with traumatized populations.

How does PTSD look from the inside, and how is it treated? In this unique training video, we find out firsthand from Terry, a Vietnam vet who witnessed his friend’s brutal death in combat. We then follow his post-combat life: the struggle of living with PTSD for 40 years, and finally getting his life back with the help of renowned PTSD expert Dr. Frank Ochberg.

Through revealing personal interviews, commentary, and actual therapy sessions between Terry and Dr. Ochberg, this comprehensive video documents Terry’s two-year-long therapeutic process of healing from chronic PTSD. Terry’s courage in sharing the intimate details of his thoughts, feelings, and behaviors through his struggle brings a rare depth and insight to Ochberg’s step-by-step explanations and demonstrations of PTSD-specific techniques and strategies.

Trauma has become an ever more common life experience, and knowing how to treat someone with PTSD should be a part of every therapist’s repertoire. This video offers a unique window into both the great suffering that PTSD can create in our clients, and the journey toward reclaiming the richness and meaning in their lives.

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DVD Review

“Psychotherapy for Chronic PTSD: A Vietnam Vet’s Journey”“I just finished both disks in one sitting, and filled a bowl with tissues from wiping my eyes and blowing my nose–unexpected wisdom and kindness always does that to me. Sometimes it was Frank Ochberg, sometimes it was the veteran, and sometimes his wife, and also seeing this man come to life over the course of the work.

Frank Ochberg is a master clinician. Take it in as role-modeling: consistent use of plain talk, and talking and acting from a well-informed heart. You will see before your eyes excellent examples of therapeutic tact, timing, therapeutic alliance, and a practical approach in individual therapy of what I have called the “cycle of the communalization of trauma” through survivor narrative and listener retelling. Advice on psychotherapeutic technique with trauma patients is offered in such a quiet, unobtrusive way that you are liable to miss it. My advice on his advice: make a transcript of everything Frank says about why he does what he does and how he does it.”

Jonathan Shay, MD, PhD, MacArthur Fellow, and Author of Achilles in Vietnam: Combat Trauma and the Undoing of Character and Odysseus in America: Combat Trauma and the Trials of Homecoming.

DVD Review

“Psychotherapy for Chronic PTSD: A Vietnam Vet’s Journey”The two DVD set, Psychotherapy for Chronic PTSD: A Vietnam Vet’s Journey with Frank Ochberg, MD by which I purchased through Gift From Within is an excellent opportunity for someone wanting to learn the effects of PTSD and a treatment option. Dr. Ochberg’s care, compassion, and understanding as well as his expertise come through, vividly.

I am thankful for the step by step explanation of PTSD and the description of the Color Wheel and demonstration of the Counting Method. These were woven smoothly through the video and were clearly understandable for the professional working with persons who live with PTSD. I found this video presentation both educational and encouraging. I appreciated the individual, Terry, being willing to share his story and his struggle. It is valuable to see the help he received and the growth he experienced through this process of therapy with Dr. Ochberg. I personally appreciated the explanation and connection of Dissociation to the story. The validation Dr. Frank Ochberg provides for the patient is tremendous.

I look forward to using these methods in my practice as a Life Coach working with survivors of trauma.

Michael L Harreld, MDiv., CPC