Sage Advice for Trauma Survivors and Caregivers with Dr. Frank Ochberg


Carl C. Bell, M.D.
President/C.E.O. Community Mental Health Council
Chicago, Illinois

“Frank Ochberg’s mellifluous voice transmits his knowledge, experience, compassion, and wisdom. If you are an expert, this CD is a great reminder and review that will keep you clear and focused on the core, essential basics of trauma. If you are a beginner, this CD is an easy and great primer on everything you should know about trauma. If you are a victim, survivor or conqueror of trauma, this CD will be a well-spring of knowledge to help your stay on your path to recovery whether you are at the beginning, end or recycling.”Julie L. Johnson, MS Psychology
Director of The P.A.U.S.E. Program
Grand Blanc, MI

Picking up the CD the first thing I noticed the Survivor Psalm as the CD label–an excellent prelude to what the listener is about to experience.

From the first minute the CD played I felt as if I was sitting in a safe environment, perhaps with a small intimate circle of people with Frank Ochberg as the consumate facilitator/storyteller. His voice is inviting and engaging, not overly academic–yet gives clear and succinct definitions and examples for listeners to understand the depth of PTSD.

The information is excellent for caregivers–especially helpful for family/friends to better understand the complicated nature of PTSD and how memories are stimulated and relived. The CD goes beyond the typical discussion on PTSD–Ochberg offers hope for the individual suffering from PTSD by suggesting what I define as solution-focused therapy, i.e. cognitive behavioral therapies, online support groups and healing circles, tapping/counting, etc.

For the professional caregiver, Ochgberg offers suggestions on self-care and how to avoid Compassionate Fatigue when working with those who have been victimized by trauma.

An excellent CD for those victims/survivors of trauma, supporters and caregivers. After listening to the healing information on the CD I think Frank Ochberg’s Survivor Psalm sums up what the listener, especially the survivor, can gain from the content:

“I look forward with hope rather than despair.
I may never forget, but I need not constantly remember.
I was a victim.
I am a survivor.”Trauma Survivor:

“The CD is amazing, I felt so comfortable listening to it, it was wonderful to be validated and to hear professionals confirm what I’ve been living with. AND to know (which I’ve already known) but to hear and know there is hope!!!!! one must not always live in victim status, but can and will cross over to survivor! ” HUGS, Cindy LouTrauma Survivor:

“I think you are both doing very good work and I’m so thankful for all you do. Dr. Ochberg’s words resonate in my thoughts throughout the day as I have a flashback or a trigger; I remember I’m moving forward and not going all the way back. It is not a triggering program but a helpful healing one. Great tape, thanks so much for your work. I also like the Survivor Psalm on the CD. I like that it was read by Dr. Ochberg at the end. Good way to end the tape. ” Carol MTrauma Survivor:

“This afternoon I snuggled up in a warm blanket and listened to Gift from Within’s CD ‘Sage Advice’. What a wonderful treat on a chilly afternoon. I am a PTSD survivor and have received some information on my diagnosis. The topics Dr. Ochberg spoke of were not only informative but very comforting. I found myself taking notes and fully understanding my personal awareness of PTSD, as well as the issues my family members face with living with a PTSD survivor. I applaud this CD and know it will benefit many people.”Martyn Symons PTSD Support UK:

“We don’t normally “review” products, but we were struck by the content of this CD and its potential value in enhancing the understanding of the condition for those with PTSD and those around them. The CD gives a simple to understand overview of PTSD explained in a non-medical way. Although we have been involved in PTSD for a long time, it was refreshing to hear a clinician explaining PTSD with real understanding of the debilitating condition.”Trauma Survivor:

“This CD is full of great insight and advice for those new to Gift From Within and those of us who may have been members for years. It addresses PTSD in laymen’s terms and will greatly benefit those who are just coming to terms with this illness to understand what they are going through as well as answering questions seasoned members may be pondering. It is a great tool for helping those who love us to understand our illness and why we struggle or exhibit behaviors they may find puzzling and help them to be able to support us.

The CD is almost an hour long and the hour goes by very quickly. The material is handled in an interesting manner and dealt with very compassionately. This is a tool that is done quite professionally, and the subject matter is presented in a question/answer format, very clearly and concisely. It holds one’s attention, is validating and is a great help tool.

If you have not yet listened to the CD I would recommend you do so and then to recommend others in the help profession to order a copy.