Survivor Poetry & Art Center

Welcome to GFW’s
Survivor Poetry & Art Center.
We welcome all GFW members only
to submit their original poetry,
photography and artwork
to be posted on our new
Survivor Gallery.

Over the years many members
have asked where
to submit their poetry,
in the hopes of being published.
Other members were less interested
in publishing than in expressing
the feelings and emotions
of their journey towards
–hope, sadness,
loneliness, anger,
gratitude for the miraculous
insights resulting from surviving
trauma and PTSD.
These members felt certain that their
creative endeavors were crucial
to the healing process.

We know that what you see here
may bring tears to your eyes,
as well as smiles to your lips.
We hope that what you see
is the beauty of perseverance
and the assurance that
surviving is possible.
May these works of art
inspire you, and show you that
the future is in your hands.
May they reflect back to you and
help you to see the beautiful
person you truly are.

Warmly, Joyce

P.S. special thanks to GFW’s advisor
and best friend, Frank Ochberg