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20 » Lynn Bass
This appears to be an awesome site. I looked forward to utilizing the free materials to assist others with and resolve my own trauma....

19 » Melissa W
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your hard work and all of the invaluable information and resources.

18 » Alesha Hansen
A few weeks ago I was diagnosed with complex PTSD stemming from an abusive relationship. I have so many questions and a few concerns about the diagnosis. Although my therapist is very helpful, I was looking for more support and encouragement from people with PTSD. I found your site through Wikipedia when I was researching intimate partner violence. Thank you for creating this site. I feel less alone. I feel validated and encouraged that I'm ok despite my diagnosis. God bless you.

17 » Emanuela
Hello,, i wanted to thank Psychiatrist Frank Ochberg for his writing about the Syndrome of Stockholm, saying that it goes beyond kidnapping..."
It helped me understanding sexual abuse better.

Thank u very much, Doctor Ochberg.



16 » Cedar
THANK you for posting all this useful content! You've done a great job cross-refereencing all the resources. I especially enjoyed the page where people share their many ideas for self-soothing and healing. GREAT ideas there. Thank you everyone for your contributions. Good work everyone. Much appreciated.

15 » Gay E.
I'm 10-plus years into actively working (therapy; meditation; peer support; yoga; martial arts; Reiki, to name a few strategies) to recovery from post traumatic stress injury, many more years clearing the way for this work. This is a gift to add to my resources. Many thanks to founders and participants.

14 » Leigh
I find this site quite informative. Thank you for helping others.

13 » Stacy
I was diagnosed with complex childhood PTSD shortly after giving up alcohol. This is the first website I've come to to seek PTSD information, and I am so glad I came here! Very informative, and I immediately connected to what you are saying. Thank you for having this site.

12 » Memory Lord
Thank You for this site. I find it very helpful.

11 » Ada M
I want to thank those who created a website for families and survivors of traumatic life experiences that have affected their lives in a negative way and this site provide supplemental educational tools to assist student's in academics on how to ethically educate themselves on PSTD and how it not only affects the individual but the family.

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